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t, they take forever to dry, the best cuts with his. I started to 9taxi say, I did'nt have shorts when he took over, luckily I brought with us, he said, no, I do not think so. in seconds, sHe had a pair of tennis shoes, shorts guy, I had'nt those 9taxi used for years, and go in this, he said, is the right jeans. I have to say, it was almost an understatement, but what could I do, they are very good, he said, smiling, tanned legs it has, I have a couple of drinks and food in the bag, we'll go wherever you go, have a good time my mother told me, and act like I 9taxi was 5 years old. As soon as we got into the car began to laugh when it was a side road leading had'nt been less than a mile, when he opened his pants and pulled them out, put on his pants, pushed the pact in the 9taxi balls to reach my hand and placed in the queue, you know you want, he said, not as fast as last time, just nice and slow, which makes me as hard as you can, as the pants said, you know, I like what is in them. This is good, his cock grew in my hand and said, I have to admit I was glad to do it, they feel increasingly difficult, my balls, he said, playing with my ballswere much more flexible than mine, and larger, it is good that's good, he said, has beautiful hands. My own cock was fully erect and uncomfortable in tight pants and tight jeans. was put into a dirt road and then on a 9taxi secluded beach, you can stay in the car for a while, opened the door and went back to my seat, I 'm tuned in, he said. He lifted my 9taxi teeshirt over her head and rubbed her nipples as small tails, he said, in 9taxi turn, how they stand up, sucked each of them. He opened the top button of my
Quotes >9taxi shorts are coming out that I play with you, he said, unzipped things this small wish, he said, much as I like. Wow, that as he pushes down on my cock was exposing my underwear off small, she said it could not be covered much the same way you remove it, I took my car to help him up. I thought about sucking it at any time since the last time I drank more thought of his creamy juice, I would like as much as I can get is so young and so sweet. Do you think for a moment while I these things off, let me see you shake, made ​​me, he wandered naked. Have you ever sucked a cock, asked and answered his own question, do not think I will suck for me even before I say anything, said good boy. Let us find a place to rest, he said, got out. Wiil do this, he said, when we find a little grass, lie down for me, I did, I grabbed her legs and spread them apart. He put one knee on each side of my head, could swing his balls to look me over, sat down, his balls on my face movung. I could go to his hot mouth around my dick and start doing long, slow sucks his lips go naked. I arrived at the cock and pulled him down, my first contact with his cock, I liked it, I began to suck hard, I liked even more. I wish I had masturbated, sucked me, I get tired of me, I felt that I swallow my semen, and that filled his mouth again, he continued sucking until I was completely empty. I tried to the suction, but did'nt come, stood up and said a break and a chat is allowed so delicious, I later let me, you will not be later. We sat naked for the next half hour or so, just with a little play with each others cocks, then he introduced me to the nature of sexual desire, although I imagine that had'nt.


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Even if he had enjoyed the experience, for me is a tire that was not to blame for what happened, I tried to include as much detail as I could rmember each case and thoughts turned to me, was my first sexual activity with another person. not really want to go to church on Sunday, but was'nt much choice. Things get worse after the service of my mother was talking to a woman, were in the church about things. And suddenly there came to us and just said good morning, I had'nt realized that the woman was his wife, turned my stomach. His wife was about local wildlife, the things he did, he did interviews in the community hall above, with photo slides and the like, did all 9taxi his own photograph for hours was on the rocks and promontories, everything about them. It 9taxi was Thursday, my mother agreed to participate, we would. Then a bomb, he said that maybe Alex wants to come to him and learn more about the local area. I saw a slight smile onhis face. My mother was everything to them, that would do him good, he said, have someone show you the ropes, another influence Mans and all that. My opinion has not asked, he agreed to call me the next morning. Be sure to wash, he said, when I entered the small shower, I have clean underwear on her bed. For me to put my underwear was ashamed that he had bought for me when I was about 12 years, a dozen pairs, and I was still was for them. I do not think they would realize that I'm almost grown and no longer integrated, I just did'nt have that kind of conversation with her. called very early in the morning, I wore my jeans actually have an erection when I woke up, I like to masturbate, but no chance. Not a good idea, he said, when jeans get we